Work with us

We are looking for window and door sales partners (North America, Australia)
Family business

We are a family-owned business with a production of approximately 1,500 products per month, so we can better respond to client requests and adapt to their needs. We are always by their side.

Quality Materials materials

In the production of windows and doors, quality is first-class for us. Our partners include the German company SALAMANDER for plastic profiles, or SIEGENIA and its fittings, which are guaranteed quality.

Time-tested windows

We have been producing plastic windows and doors for 20 years, so we have much experience with production and can advise on the most suitable solutions and procedures. All our products are CERTIFIED. 

Modern technologies

We follow new trends and technologies and try to keep pace with them. We constantly invest in the company's machine and software equipment and make progress. We create Industry 4.0.

Software and shipping

We provide our business partners with software for price offers and ordering products, and we can also ensure the delivery of ordered windows and doors to them.

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Gajarský Michal - CEO email:, mobile: +421944 475 575