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Company History

ADLER - Slovak manufacturer of SALAMANDER windows and doors

ADLER, a manufacturer of plastic windows and doors SALAMANDER, was established in 2003.Since then, it has gradually developed and created its place on the market for filling construction openings. Throughout its existence, the company has focused primarily on the quality and a serious approach to its business partners and customers. Thanks to the many years of honest work of all employees, we have managed to build a recognized company in producing and supplying plastic windows and doors. We are currently one of the forefront traditional supplier of plastic windows and doors SALAMANDER in western Slovakia.

Slovak quality and traditions

The company has modern production technology and thus delivers truly high-quality Slovak windows and doors to the market. They are made from German SALAMANDER profiles and fitted with timeless German SIEGENIA all-around fittings. The product's quality is evidenced by many satisfied customers and many years of trouble-free functionality. Currently, the annual production of the company is about 10,000 window units.

We deliver windows to family houses, apartments, and public buildings such as offices, schools or shops. For our customers, we can provide comprehensive implementation, including a whole range of accessories and additional services.


  • A satisfied customer is a guarantee of the company's prosperity.
  • A prosperous company is a guarantee of employee satisfaction.
  • A satisfied employee is a guarantee of customer satisfaction.

We look forward to working with you.

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