Policy and objectives

The company's policy results from the overall strategic intentions of the company, which are oriented towards fulfilling customer requirements, high-quality level of products, environmental protection and compliance with OS&H and PO principles

The main points of the company's future goals

  1. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.
  2. The company's management will create an environment for its employees through fair remuneration and motivate all workers to perform flawless work while satisfying customer requirements.
  3. We follow new trends and progress together with the dynamically developing market so that our company can always meet the customer's expectations for the quality of service and delivery.
  4. Find out customers' needs through communication by responding flexibly to their requirements, differentiate ourselves from the competition and maintain their trust.
  5. Create conditions, allocate resources for the quality of work execution and renew the material equipment of the company necessary for the execution of orders.
  6. Quality is the first and essential task, fulfilling the responsibility of the company's employees at all management and executive levels.
  7. Do everything to ensure the safety and health protection of workers and visitors.
  8. Preventing accidents and situations which could negatively impact the health of employees, the environment and its pollution through prevention.
  9. Ensure and enforce all obligations resulting from legal and other requirements.
  10. To maintain the built integrated management system and to ensure continuous improvement of its efficiency.
  11. In the future, create conditions and means for investments in the modernization of technical equipment, new IT and software.
  12. Development and training of workers and their personal growth.

In Trnave 10.10.2018
Gajarský Michal, Mgr.
CEO of ADLER Plus, s.r.o.


  • A satisfied customer is a guarantee of the company's prosperity.
  • A prosperous company is a guarantee of employee satisfaction.
  • A satisfied employee is a guarantee of customer satisfaction.

We look forward to working with you.